The Olympia Living History Crew

Members of OLYMPIA’s crew participate in both public and non-public living-history events, mainly throughout the Mid-Atlantic States. Public events present an opportunity to teach a general audience about the Spanish American and Great War and the men who fought it. Educating others is essential to preserving the memory of the combatants. Typical activities at these events for the group focus on discussions and demonstrations on uniforms, equipment, daily life afloat in port and underway, battle stations, weapons, engineering, seamanship of the typical enlisted man. This offers a chance for members to display the full range of their sea bags, including many smaller, unique items that are unsuitable for any other occasion.

Events held on OLYMPIA in Philadelphia are aimed at immersing the member and the visiting public into the time of the Spanish American War, WWI, and the years between. The goal is for immersion for the participants involved in order to achieve a more genuine feel of Navy life afloat which reflects a passion for authenticity on all levels. This means embracing all of the hardships and suffering that come along with living in a shipboard environment. It also means performing activities that might prove grueling to some.

Uniforms and equipment are based on reproductions and original garments. Many of the items that make up the seabag are in fact originals from the period. Impressions are not fixed but, rather, continually evolving in the pursuit of accuracy.

You may get more current information on their meetings, events, and contact information by visiting their Facebook page.

Thanks to the 151ème Régiment d’Infanterie de Ligne for permission to excerpt content.

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